Supporting the community in Moray

Welcome to Moray Community Foundation, a local charity founded in 2023 to support members of the Moray community when they come up against financial emergencies.

How does it work

Moray Community Foundation is a Community Charity set up to offer emergency funding to people experiencing hardship in Moray who may not be able to access any benefits or have nowhere else to turn for support in a financial emergency.

The fund is specifically for those who are currently experiencing a financial emergency, and have exhausted all other avenues of support prior to making an application. We ask that all applications are supported by a referee, e.g Money Advice Moray, CAB, Moray Firth Credit Union, Moray Food Plus, Moray School Bank or a similar organisation that are providing support – please ensure that you have spoken to your referee and they have agreed to support your application prior to submitting. All applications will be discussed with your referee.

How to donate

Your kindness will change lives.

Give today and help people who are currently experiencing a cost of living emergency. Anything you can give, no matter how large or small, will make a difference.

To donate please complete the donor form below, it only takes a few minutes and it means we can claim gift aid on your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

Apply for Help here

By submitting your application to MCF you are agreeing that the charity can hold and store your information for the purposes of delivering our charitable purposes. All information provided will be confidential within our organisation and will not be disclosed unless we are required by law to provide the information externally.

The fund is delivered by Moray Community Foundation in partnership with the community in Moray